About Duck of the Day

Duck of the Day is run by one person. I stole the idea from a bunch of alumni of the University who were reminiscing about their time at the University.

It's not run by the University - although they know it's here and they ask permission to use the photos from time to time. They'll also pass on messages if you contact them.

It started in August 2009, and since then I've posted a pic every day (with two exceptions). I try to post a picture the day I've taken it: but it's not always possible - especially on weekends - which is why weekends get the non-duck birds. For other days when I'm away/ill I'll try and use something taken the day before (or if I'm on holiday then the week before).

 I've used Twitter, Facebook and other platforms to share the pictures, and I'm happy to try more subject to technology. I'm also experimenting with video of the ducks too.

You are welcome to use the photos in a non-commercial context with attribution (preferably pointing to this website or the twitter account). It'd be awesome if you sent me a link/copy if you do that! If you want to use an image commercially or without attribution then get in contact.