Pond'er of the week

Hello and welcome to the first ‘pond’er of the week.

I’m the orangey duck staring in some of the photos the nice, but slightly ‘quackers’, lady takes each day and publishes so you can all see what we get up to. Thought you might like to hear tales from the university campus pond. I know people at the University like to call it a lake, but have you ever heard of a ‘duck lake’? thought not.

Before I start, let me make it perfectly clear I personally had nothing to do with the ‘Santa Claus’ masacre which happened just before Christmas. That was the black swans, and despite popular belief (word on the pond) they were not put up to it by the moorhens. It was all their own doing. Sorry to the mad photo lady for the loss of your cuddly Santa, hope it didn’t spoil your Christmas.

Moving on, not much has been happening this week. Snow has all gone and the lake is now defrosting. Great news for us ducks, our swimming space was getting very small with the pond frozen over, we had to share the top pond with everyone, really made a mess of the pecking order I’ll tell you. Some of us did try and have a kip in the snow instead, but we all got a bit cold.

Other news, we all know how the humans have been taking care of us in the bad weather, giving us extra food etc. well I don’t think any of us had a problem with that. Sadly other humans who clean up around here have asked the bread throwing humans not to do it anymore as it makes us poo more. Hence it’s back to pond for meals now folks. Shame I did like that ‘best of both worlds’ stuff.

I’ll end my first ‘pond’er of the week now, if you would like more waddlings from me, let me know and I’ll post from the pond again